Halloween in Upjers games


10/26/2022 - The games from upjers will make your bones rattle and immerse you in the world of mad science by allowing you to build a gateway into the world of the undead. Here is an overview of the various events from the Bamberg-based developer.

Although paleontologists already have a lot to do with bones, Dinosaur Park - Primeval Zoo packs a few more on top. For the Halloween event, the decorations are mostly skeletons and skulls: candy in a bone bowl, fences made of bones, a bone sculpture, and much more can be found in the event store.

Each event deco releases pumpkins after a certain cooldown, which the players are supposed to collect. This is because there are rewards for the pumpkins. For example, some dino species have been given a Halloween makeover. There is the Dilophosaurus as a mummy, the Deinonychus as a zombie, the Stegosaurus with a pumpkin pattern and the Prenocephale as a skeleton. If you breed all four new Halloween dino variants on level 2, you will also get the Procompsognathus as a ghost for free!

In addition to the creepy dinos, a brand new dinosaur species will be added to the prehistoric zoo as an event reward: Sarcosuchus - a crocodile species that could grow up to 12 meters long.

Event period: 10/25 - 11/1/2022 (12 noon).

Zoo 2: Animal Park is also dedicated to the theme of "excavations" on Halloween. For this theme, player:ins will have plenty of deco items available to drop pumpkins on a regular basis. Among other things, there is an excavation sandbox, animal skeletons, giraffe mummy, pumpkin possum, witch penguin and many more scary and beautiful decorations.

The rewards at the Halloween event at the 3D Zoo are just as varied: dinosaur cardboard standees, a T-Rex skeleton, booster chests and a Halloween Ferris wheel are a few of the highlights. The main reward is the new event animal: red uakari. This primate species needs a jungle enclosure.

Event Period: 10/26 - 11/2/2022 (12 noon).

There is often a fine line between genius and madness. While most scientists in My Free Zoo devote themselves to the classic topics of zoology, one has apparently gone a little crazy... His crazy research results are now crawling and wafting through the browser zoo. We have turned it into a Halloween event for the players:inside. You can find fences made of poisonous vines, dangerous wooden barrels with poisonous green contents, an ominous box, poisoned plants and much more in the event store.

With the help of the event decorations, the players climb up the event levels and their rewards grow accordingly. The event animals are the Japanese giant crab and the vicuña from previous events. The new event animal is the electric eel. It can generate powerful electric shocks with its body - this is also its hunting method. The electric shocks of up to 700 volts can even be dangerous to humans and horses!

Event period: October 26 to November 2, 2022 (11 a.m.)

A greeting from beyond reaches the players of My Little Farmies for the Halloween event. You can build a haunted castle with the help of the event decorations. One room is creepier than the other: The sparsely lit library, the neglected kitchen or the run-down hall. A ghostly king and queen also make their rounds, while the skeleton does his best at the piano.

Those who dare to build this scenery will be rewarded with storage space, boosters and card pieces for the castle graveyard. The Castle Graveyard is the new Wonder of the World in My Little Farmies and also the main reward in the Halloween event.

Event Period: 10/25 - 11/2/2022 (10:59 PM).

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