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Browsergames Charts How it works

The independent browser games charts from GamesSphere is one of the biggest, if not the biggest top browser games list on the net. Here you can find the best browser games, rated by players for players. GamesSphere offers every game the possibility to participate in the chart system. Visitors who visit GamesSphere news or game entries can also vote for the respective game from there. Each developer studio is also free to link the game's voting page to make it more easily accessible to their players. Each person can vote for a game once within 24 hours.

The first number shows the number of votes cast for the game within a month. The bracketed number next to it shows the number of votes compared to the previous month. For example, a value of +10 means that this game had 10 fewer votes this time last month. Since our charts always take into account only the last 31 days, you will always find the latest top browser games here!