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War Thunder

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War Thunder

In the free-2-play online game War Thunder from Gaijin Entertainment, everything revolves around the times of the Second World War. The game is divided into three subcategories: Air Force, Army and Fleet. Currently, you can compete against other players in WarThunder as an air force pilot and, since May 16, 2014, also as a tank commander. Fleet, on the other hand, is still in development.

War Thunder allows for gripping and very realistic air battles against thousands of players around the world, combining all facets of World War II in a single game. War Thunder offers a highly detailed aerial combat experience as players have the opportunity to explore and purchase hundreds of different aircraft with detailed remodeled cockpits, dozens of upgradable weapons and piloting skills. The player's experience increases with each battle. A reward system also rewards special performance in battles and provides additional incentive to do one's best.

But the authentic World War II experience is not limited to air combat. Since the huge historical battles in War Thunder cannot be won by air power alone, players must also prove themselves with and against land and naval forces.

Key Features:

  • Multiple facets: air force, army and navy.
  • Rich PvE content: dynamic campaigns, single player missions, mission editor, historical battles.
  • Detailed aircraft including cockpit view and, if desired, realistic flight behavior. The same goes for the army and fleet.
  • Impressive graphics, authentic sound effects and atmospheric music.
  • Varied PvP action embedded in large-scale combat missions
  • Various setting options that allow both beginners and experienced virtual pilots to experience the excitement of playing together
  • Extensive PvE content, including dynamic campaigns, single missions, a mission editor, and much more for both single player and co-op modes
  • An impressive variety of detailed aircraft (including their cockpits), tank and ship models
  • Amazing graphics, authentic sound effects and beautiful music

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