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Elyon » Elyon's Paladin class is available now!

Yesterday - Kakao Games and Bluehole Studio are pleased to announce that the new Paladin class of Elyon is now available to all players in the game. To celebrate, an event will take place from May 25 to June 6. Read more

The Cycle: Frontier » Release date is set!

Yesterday - Berlin-based game developer YAGER announced that its new free-to-play extraction shooter The Cycle: Frontier will be officially released for PC on Steam and the Epic Games Store on June 8. The game will start its preseason after two successful bet... Read more

Call of Duty: Mobile » Season 5: Tropical vision takes you to the lawless jungle

The day before yesterday - Operator Rampage leads an action-packed battle pass through dangerous, dense jungles in Call of Duty: Mobile - Season 5: "Tropical Vision," which kicks off on June 2 at 2:00 a.m. (CEST). Read more

Conquerors Blade » New season Helheim announced

The day before yesterday - The new season of Booming Tech's tactical medieval action MMO Conqueror's Blade was announced today and will be released as a free update on June 9. Conqueror's Blade: Helheim opens the new seasonal campaign inspired by seafaring Viking raiders, f... Read more

Destiny 2 » Season of the haunted started

The day before yesterday - Today Bungie released the Season of the Haunted for Destiny 2, where players will face the return of Calu's corrupted spaceship - the Leviathan. Guardians face nightmares of the past, receive an update to their Solar Focuses with Solar 3.0, and be... Read more

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Wizard101 » Transfer of player accounts from Gameforge to KingsIsle has begun

05/17/2022 - KingsIsle Entertainment and gamigo are pleased to announce the beginning of the transfer of Wizard101 from Gameforge. Starting today, wizards on the other side of the pond will be able to experience new magic updates much faster to more closely al... Read more

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Event calendar

  • Dungeon Worlds

    05/31/2022 - Spring event has started and will last until the end of May, during which time you can find event boxes in all adventures. These can contain items, gold and experience bonus in adventures.

  • Call of Duty: Mobile

    06/02/2022 - Start of the new season 5: Tropical Vision

  • The Cycle: Frontier

    06/08/2022 - The Cycle: Frontier will officially release for PC on Steam and the Epic Games Store on June 8.

  • Conquerors Blade

    06/09/2022 - Start of the new season: Helheim

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Browser games (Browser games)

Browser games are games for the browser, which can be played directly in the browser. Unlike online games, it is not necessary to download a client to play, which of course saves time and disk space. New browser games usually use Flash or Unity, so-called browser plugins, to display animations or models. In case such a plugin is needed, the browser will notify the user if the plugin is not already installed. The installation of a plugin is very simple and usually done within a minute. The best-known offshoots of this category include games such as the sci-fi hit Battlestar Galactica Online, the strategy game The Settlers Online or Forge of Empires, to name just a few. Browser games usually focus less on graphics, but more on game depth in a persistent game world. Another advantage of browser games is that they can be played from anywhere, as long as a tablet, laptop or PC and an Internet connection are available. This flexibility makes browser games so interesting for both casual and hardcore gamers.

Onlinegames (Clientgames)

Good online games are, in terms of quality and scope, comparable to full-prize PC titles as you can buy them in a conventional store, but with the difference that they are played exclusively online with and against other players. All online games listed here are basically free to play, as they all work according to the Free2Play model. Free2Play means that every person can download and use the client for free. However, in order to recoup the development costs, publishers offer the possibility to buy minor advantages with real money. These can be purely cosmetic (e.g. a premium mount, weapon or armor) but also elementary (e.g. 50% higher income). In addition, some developers offer their players also AddOns, which extends the online game with new missions, levels and items. The advantage of online games is the superior graphics quality, sound background and game world.


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