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Die Siedler Online

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Die Siedler Online

The three pillars of success in The Settlers have always been: trade, science and military. With The Settlers Online, one of the best-known building strategy game series is breaking new ground and launching as a fully-fledged browser game.

Numerous expansion options, extensive building and production systems in a lovingly designed environment make the hearts of all strategy fans beat faster when it comes to building a glorious kingdom.

From raw material to commodity:
The basis of every settlement is a functioning cycle of goods. You should therefore make sure that your settlers always have enough raw materials and goods at their disposal. With bread, for example, you can improve the manpower of your settlers and let them scurry around to their heart's content.

About the weapons:
To expand your settlement, explore the surroundings and discover new areas. There you will not only find valuable deposits of raw materials, but also come across bandit camps that refuse you access. Will you be able to put an end to their activities and increase your influence?

Settling brings people together:
Settling together with friends is especially fun. A wide range of options allow you to interact with other players and experience the settler world together. Trade with others via the integrated friends list or chat with them in the built-in chat.

Adventures await you:
Join your friends on exciting adventures in the world of the Settlers. Explore new islands and protect your empire from the dangers that confront you.

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