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Producers & Traders

Game description

Producers & Traders

Experience the adventure world of Producers & Traders and become the boss of your own company! This game is all about building your own empire from various buildings. What do you want to do? Stock farming? Farming? Everything is possible!

In Producers & Traders, an economic simulation based on your level, you can set up various stores and factories and offer your goods to the virtual population. Research products, improve their quality and increase your reputation. Work together with other players and organize production chains from simple raw materials to finished, complex sales products. Fulfill the tasks given to you by the city administration and achieve success in a world that is constantly evolving.

You can also play Producers & Traders on your own and build up your own production chains. With a unique level system, new buildings are constantly being erected, products researched and challenges overcome in order to achieve lasting success.

Currently 4 playable cities
Currently 22 different production buildings
Currently 24 different stores
Currently 375 different products
Constantly changing seasonal products
5 different types of trucks to transport the goods
Sales figures for products / stores / players can be called up daily
Level system for ever new challenges
Changing tasks for more challenges
Regular events that can usually only be completed as a team
Automated transportation and car acceptance possible during the course of the game
Personnel can be deployed in a qualified manner
Play together in a consortium with other players.

Register today and become part of the Producers & Traders community. Build your own empire, decide for yourself whether as a producer or seller or both. Experience the challenges and adventures in a browser game world!


  • Type
    • Browsergame
  • Setting / Genre
  • Charts Position
    • 6
  • Number of players
    • Low
  • Project orientation
    • Hobby-Development
  • Development status
    • Released
  • Publisher
    • Mirjam Roesen Oesterle
  • Rounds length
    • infinite
  • Time setting
    • Real-time
  • Language
    • German
  • Game effort
    • Medium
  • Game website
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