Krafton begins development of a new game

08/05/2022 - KRAFTON, Inc. today announced the start of active development on an as-yet-untitled game project based on the popular Korean fantasy novel "The Bird That Drinks Tears" in Asia. Read more

Tower of Fantasy

Two new videos show what awaits you in Tower of Fantasy

08/05/2022 - Publisher Level Infinite and developer Hotta Studio today unveiled two new videos for the open world MMORPG Tower of Fantasy. The videos showcase the game's creative possibilities and multiplayer action. Tower of Fantasy releases worldwide on PC and mobile on August 11. The pre-download is available from August 9. Read more

Prosperous Universe

Update delivers new features for the trading simulation

08/04/2022 - The space simulator Prosperous Universe has today released its ninth game version called "Convergence", which adds a variety of new features to the game. Read more


Info about the latest update to version 19.1

08/03/2022 - KRAFTON today announced Update 19.1, the next major content update for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. In the update, which will be released on August 10 for PC and August 18 for consoles, players will be able to try out the new MP9 weapon, race across the streets in the Pillar Security car with sirens wailing, and scan for enemies. Read more

Space Punks

Update 6: The SpOiled One

08/03/2022 - The free-to-play looter shooter Space Punks from the Polish game developers Flying Wild Hog invites you to explore the planet Spor with Update 6: "The SpOiled One" - with new game modes, changed respawn rules and a whole series of optimizations and bug fixes. Read more


Neymar Jr. faces PUBG partners in Deston Rise event

08/02/2022 - Soccer superstar Neymar Jr. will participate with his team in the "Deston Rise" livestream event on August 3 from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. as part of KRAFTON's partnership with PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. He and his team will measure their skills against several other PUBG partners on the newly released map Deston. Read more

Call of Duty: Mobile

Playoffs of phase 4 of the World Championship 2022

08/02/2022 - 40 teams have already made it this far. But in the regional playoffs of Phase 4 of the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2022, which starts on August 13, only the best of the five regions will make it to the finals. Read more


The favorite game of the dwarf king

08/02/2022 - In Elvenar, players can choose whether they prefer to build a realm of dwarves or a realm of elves. And in the latest event, all players will get to know the favorite game of an ancient dwarf king. The event runs until August 24. Read more

Rise of Cultures

Help cross the Sahara in the latest event

08/01/2022 - Rise of Cultures is inspired by real historical developments of ancient civilizations and brings a new civilization into the game with the new "Mali Empire" event. Mansa Musa, the ninth Mansa of the Mali Empire, needs the help of Rise of Cultures players to cross the Sahara and find the best bazaars for trade. The event will run until August 21 this year. Read more

Conquerors Blade

German dubbing available from today

07/28/2022 - German-speaking players can now immerse themselves in a new dimension of acoustic gameplay, because as of today, Conqueror's Blade has a fully localized voice output. You can find out what they sound like and what kind of work goes into them here! Read more

PUBG: Mobile

Koenigsegg vehicles back on the road!

07/28/2022 - PUBG MOBILE, one of the world's most popular mobile games, today announced another phase of its partnership with Koenigsegg, following a successful first run in 2021. Read more

Forge of Empires

InnoGames launches new event

07/28/2022 - In Forge of Empires, players can build cities that last from the Stone Age to the modern era. In the community event, a hero embarks on a journey through a medieval world, meeting new friends and visiting cities to win unique prizes. The event runs from July 28 to August 18 this year. Read more

Tower of Fantasy

MMORPG in anime style will be released on August 11

07/28/2022 - Publisher Level Infinite and developer Hotta Studio officially announced today that Tower of Fantasy will be released on August 11, 2022. The game is already available for pre-load on August 9. To date, over three million players have already registered on the official Tower of Fantasy website. Read more


Krafton releases new update

07/22/2022 - KRAFTON announced today that the July update for NEW STATE MOBILE is available on Android and iOS. This update introduces the new team deathmatch map "Exhibition Hall", the new MP-155 Ultima shotgun, additional weapon customization options, Vol. 9 of Survivor Pass and a rework of Troi Extreme mode. Read more


Summary of the First Playable event

07/22/2022 - The Italian Interactive Digital Entertainment Association (IIDEA), the Italian video game association representing the national gaming industry, is pleased with the success of First Playable, Italy's premier B2B event for the video game industry, which returned locally earlier this month for the first time since the pandemic. Read more