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After thousands of years, the ancient, untouched world of Elvenar has recovered from its former inhabitants and now seems to be open to adventurers and explorers. A new era is dawning for your small group of elves or humans in the opulent building game Elvenar. Both races rely on the vision and leadership qualities of their new ruler.

Your task in this new fantasy game is to build your village and lead elves or humans through breathtaking realms full of secrets, mysterious monsters and resources. Set out to rediscover long-forgotten technologies and found a flourishing city. In Elvenar you can choose your favorite race ? Elves or Humans ? and lead them into a new era by building a city to your liking!

Elves and humans are quite different. Although they live in the same world, they have very different approaches to building and this can be seen in the designs of the buildings. Humans live science-oriented lives, which is reflected in the appearance of their buildings. Elves live in harmony with nature, which is why their military units consist of stone golems and Ents, for example. The resources of both species do not differ, as they are meant to trade with each other, but they still have their specific strengths here and there.

Residential buildings offer your citizens a home, and with each of the 15 expansions, more inhabitants can live in them. Production sites and manufactories research ever more advanced methods to provide you with building materials, which you can then use to progress further.

As soon as you are ready, the vast and mysterious world of Elvenar invites you to explore the world map. There are a multitude of areas outside your city just waiting to be discovered by your scouts. In each of these regions you will find relics that grant you production bonuses. You can use these powerful items to produce a specific product more quickly. To obtain these relics, you must either trade with the rulers of the province or defeat wild creatures in Elvenar.

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