Arkheim Arkheim
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Fight battles in an epic MMO fantasy real-time strategy game
Unite with players from all over the world in a powerful empire. Expand your empire by conquering territories and earning valuable arcane moonstones. Choose between the ruthless elves and the inventive dwarves and plunge into the battle for an ancient prophecy. Explore the lands of Arkheim, their riches and their secrets. Build an army of fallen soldiers, harness the power of the three moons and take your kingdom to the Eternal Light.

Explore the past of Arkheim
Arkheim ? once a legendary empire ? has been destroyed. All that remains are islands floating in the sky. Now its ancient relics have captivated new explorers like you, promising power and answers to questions about the past. According to the prophecy, all those who prove themselves worthy will ascend to a kingdom of eternal light when the three moons align to form the Trinity of Full Moons. To do this, you must collect mystical moonstones that can be used to channel the energy of the moons and transfer it to a colossal relic at the center of your kingdom: the Ark. The stronger your Ark, the more powerful your empire becomes.

Ensure a successful future
You are a general whose rare abilities are destined to transform your settlement into a flourishing city. In this RTS fantasy game, you must build a strong economy and train a powerful army, as your city will form the backbone of all your adventures on the battlefield and beyond. War lurks around every corner. Descend deep into the catacombs beneath your city and fight the corrupted demons that dwell there in exchange for ancient knowledge and powerful items.

Forge a powerful alliance
Join forces with other generals and build your own empire. Command powerful warlords and fight against other players in tactical turn-based PVP battles. Pool your resources, defend each other and strike together. To gain the upper hand in war-torn Arkheim, you'll have to come up with more than just a clever strategy. Build and conquer towers in tactically important positions and gain control of valuable supplies. Plunder other empires and steal their moonstones to increase your arm's power. Once you have gained dominance over your territory, you are ready to ascend.

Ascend into the Eternal Light
As the Trinity of Full Moons approaches, ancient gates will be activated. Conquer these gates to ascend to the next island in the sky, where not only the dangers and battles are greater, but also your rewards. Only those who ascend to the highest island will gain the full power of the moons. Once all three moons are aligned, the most powerful realm must prove itself in a final challenge before it can finally ascend into the Eternal Light. This power is now within reach.


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