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The term "Gwent" should mean something to every role-player. It's a mini-game that CD Projekt Red has always made possible to play in all Witcher titles. It's a collectible card game that requires tactical and strategic skill. GWENT has complex tactical possibilities, but remains a game that can be learned in fifteen minutes.

GWENT is as much a test of strength as it is a mental clash of blades. We always try to find an opponent for you who has comparably strong cards. To win, you must play wisely and tempt your opponent to use up his cards first. Alternatively, you can sacrifice a turn to decide the next turn and thus the game in your favor.

The makers of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt present the single-player campaign GWENT with an eventful open world. The campaign story brings the decision-based gameplay mechanics of the Witcher games and is told in several episodes.

More than any other GWENT faction, Nilfgaard relies on diplomacy and cunning to disrupt enemy strategies and impose its own will. The empire smuggles spies into the enemy's ranks and reveals cards in their hands. Nilfgaard is well aware of the advantages of force and primarily targets the strongest enemy units to wound or destroy them entirely.

The world of The Witcher is plagued by unspeakable horrors, most of which are gathered in the terrible monster faction. The inclemency of the weather does not hinder these beasts in any way ? in fact, they thrive in such uncomfortable conditions. They attack in large numbers, and thanks to the Breeding ability, the pack grows even larger. If rough power is needed instead, they consume their fellows and absorb their power.

The inhabitants of Skellige welcome death, knowing that as glorious deceased heroes, they can be brought back from the graveyard by their priestesses and healers to fight again. A Skellige player intentionally sends his units to the graveyard only to bring them back, stronger than ever. Also, for Skellige decks, every wound becomes an advantage, as injured warriors continue to fight with double strength with a little motivation.

Northern Kingdoms
The Northern Kingdoms dominate the battlefield by bolstering their forces. Their brave commanders march in the lead to inspire their units and improve their strength. Troops can also be promoted to gold status, protecting them from attacks and weather effects, while healers make fallen soldiers ready to fight again.

The Scoia`tael have tremendous agility and are able to outmaneuver their opponents, as their units can be deployed in any ranks. As befits guerrilla fighters, they meticulously plan their raids: with cards played face down and revealed only when the trap has already snapped shut. To reinforce their troops, the Scoia "tael quickly form new commandos, eager rookies who catch the enemy off guard by the element of surprise.


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    • Cross-Platform
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    • High
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    • Commercial
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    • CD Projekt Red
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    • infinite
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    • Turns
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    • Multilingual
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    • High
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