Oceansgarden Oceansgarden
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Game description


There are a lot of farming games on the market, so there is an urgent need for some variety. This variety you have in the underwater farming game Oceansgarden. Only here you can dive into the most beautiful lagoons and manage them. This online game takes place exclusively under water. Every building is built and developed under the sea level. Many different species of fish, snails and plants are waiting for you to breed and cultivate them. Sell these to the CPU players or but in the market to other players.

Always there are events in which there are also special fish and items to breed and find. Let yourself be surprised and sign up now.

An own pet pleasing?
Also here Oceansgarden does not let you down. Until the time comes and your egg hatches and eventually grows into a full companion, much water will still wash around the lagoons. Nurture it and it will show you gratitude. It will help you and support you in your daily work in your lagoon.


- Grow and plant many species of animals and plants
- Supply the residents with food
- Participate in and win events
- Trade in the marketplace
- Build new buildings and improve them
- Explore new techniques
- Complete tasks and conduct expeditions
- Maintain your own pet.


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