Game description


SUPERVIVE is a free-to-play, squad-based Hero Battle Royale game developed by Theorycraft Games. This dynamic game pits teams of two or four players against each other on a huge floating map as a deadly storm inexorably approaches. The goal is to be the last team standing by using creative strategies and unique abilities.

The game offers a variety of fighters, which can be divided into three archetypes: Fighter, Controller and Support. Each fighter has four unique abilities, an ultimate and a passive ability. These can be unlocked in the normal course of the game. The focus is on open-ended abilities, physics-based combat and intuitive movement that are easy to learn but offer a lot of depth.

There are various game modes, including Battle Royale with ten teams of four players each, Battle Royale with 20 teams of two and 4v4 deathmatches. An interesting feature of SUPERVIVE is that there are various methods to revive team members, even after they have already fallen. This provides ongoing tension and the opportunity to change the outcome of a battle at any time.

Another highlight of the game are the map-based objectives and "Storm Shifts". These random events can significantly change the dynamics of a match. For example, deadly high-speed trains can appear or wandering storms can shift the available playing area. There are also unique biome-specific monsters and bosses that provide additional challenges.

SUPERVIVE will always remain a free-to-play game, with only cosmetic items for sale. There will be no pay-for-power elements, ensuring fair competition. The developers emphasize their intention to continuously develop the game in cooperation with the community. New hunters, storm shifts, biomes and powers are planned, all of which will be available for free.

The game is available on various platforms and supports cross-play between PC and mobile devices. The game is currently in the alpha phase, with an open beta scheduled to launch at the end of 2024.

Core features of SUPERVIVE:

  • Open-ended skills and physics-based combat: Intuitive and deep mechanics
  • .
  • Multiple game modes: Battle Royale (4-player teams, 2-player teams), 4v4 deathmatches
  • .
  • Unique fighters: 15 fighters with individual skills and archetypes (Fighter, Controller, Support)
  • .
  • Revival mechanics: Various methods to bring back team members.
  • Map-based objectives and Storm Shifts: Random events and biome-specific challenges
  • .
  • Free-to-play with no pay-for-power: Only cosmetic items for sale.
  • Community-driven development: Constant updates and expansions based on player feedback.


  • Type
    • Onlinegame
  • Setting / Genre
  • Charts Position
    • -
  • Number of players
    • Low
  • Project orientation
    • Commercial
  • Development status
    • Closed-Beta
  • Publisher
    • Theorycraft Games
  • Rounds length
    • infinite
  • Time setting
    • Real-time
  • Language
    • Multilingual
  • Game effort
    • High
  • Game website
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