Modern Warships

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Modern Warships

Modern Warships is a naval action game developed by Cube Software and is available on both PC and mobile platforms. The game allows players to take on the role of a modern battleship captain and compete in player-versus-player (PvP) naval battles against other players from around the world.

The game models are designed to resemble authentic ships, and there are over 30 available battleships, submarines, and carrier-based aircraft, each modeled after real-world designs and featuring unique gameplay attributes. The game features over 200 types of modern and advanced combat vehicles, including carriers, submarines, drones, stealth fighters, and strategic bombers. Players can smoothly switch between different types of vehicles during the same battle.

There is also a customization system that allows players to modify almost all components of their ships and aircraft. The range of weapons in the game includes missiles, machine guns, rockets, grenade launchers and torpedo tubes. Players can use these weapons to equip their battleships according to their strategic preferences.

Modern Warships features an arcade battle mode with simple controls. In addition, players can control deck helicopters and fighter jets to take the battles to the skies. Since its soft launch, the game has attracted more than 2.4 million players and offers in-app purchases. The game's graphics are detailed and optimized for a wide range of devices to ensure good performance.


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