Kapi Hospital Tower 2 Kapi Hospital Tower 2
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Kapi Hospital Tower 2

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Kapi Hospital Tower 2

Open your own hospital now. Discover the playful variety of Kapi Hospital Tower. Add amazing floors to your building. Prove your medical talent in the doctors game app, hire specialists, purchase equipment and medicines and increase the reputation of your hospital.

Hire doctors, set up treatment rooms, master different tasks, heal your patients and expand your hospital. In the hospital game Kapi Hospital Tower you'll work your way up to the Olympus of the demigods in white with each new floor you build. You can expect a wonderfully entertaining hospital simulation with many humorous ideas. Kapi Hospital Tower's diverse doctor game features include:

  • varied treatment rooms. The selection ranges from orthopedics and x-ray rooms to dermatology and dentistry.
  • exciting hospital game tasks and challenges to complete. Treat diseases, make medicines, send your doctors to the break room for rest, manage the medical care of your patients, increase your revenue by curing complex diseases and expand your hospital.
  • More rooms like the intensive care unit, the monitoring ward and the chief physician's treatment, which increase your play money income in the doctor game.
  • Different manufacturing locations for medicines and medical equipment. These include the quackery, the accessories factory and the high-tech medicine.
  • detailed graphics in a cute cartoon look.
  • entertaining gameplay that provides long-lasting hospital gameplay pleasure.
  • great design options with each new level reached.

Experience the humorous fun of the game. Because laughter is known to be the best medicine. Get the hospital game app Kapi Hospital Tower now and start playing.


  • Type
    • Mobilegame
  • Setting / Genre
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    • -
  • Number of players
    • High
  • Project orientation
    • Commercial
  • Development status
    • Released
  • Publisher
  • Rounds length
    • infinite
  • Time setting
    • Real-time
  • Language
    • Multilingual
  • Game effort
    • Low
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