Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo
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Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo

Game description

Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo

Sensation: A real T-Rex hatches from its egg and that in YOUR Dino Zoo! Create a fantastic animal world with prehistoric creatures and delight your park visitors. In this dino game you become the proud owner of a dino zoo with numerous attractions.

These are your tasks in Dino Simulation:

  • Set up enclosures for the dinosaurs and decorate them
  • Breed Brontosaurus, T-Rex and more prehistoric animals
  • Provide the dinosaurs with food, Water and play equipment
  • Equip your dino zoo with snack bars and stalls for visitors
  • Provide a stunning dinosaur park experience

Dinos to cuddle and play
The special thing about this dinosaur game: The dinosaurs respond to everything you do! Fill their food troughs and experience how they are happy about the food. Place play equipment in the enclosures and you can watch them play with it.

In addition, you may also prove your talent for clever business in this dino zoo game. Because Dinosaur Park - Primeval Zoo is also a business simulation.

  • Which dinos attract probably the most visitors to my park?
  • Where do I best place the stalls for the park visitors?
  • How do I invest my earnings so that they soon fill my coffers again?
  • When is it worthwhile to hire new employees for the Dino Park?

With which strategy you run the most successful your Dino Zoo game, is entirely up to you.


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    • infinite
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    • Real-time
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