Burning Skys update delivers new rocket vehicles and more


07/04/2022 - A new game mode, canisters, binoculars and impact grenades, as well as vehicles with multiple rocket launchers have entered the battlefield, players can create their own missions, and battles can now take place during thunderstorms or sunset. A list of the most important changes can be found here!

This update contains a whole bunch of new features. To make it easier for you, we have placed the most important changes at the beginning of the patch notes. The Burning Sky Update!


Premium squads with rocket vehicles have been added in the Invasion of Normandy campaign: the M4 Calliope with the T34 rocket launcher for the Allies and the Panzerwerfer 42 for the Axis forces. For the USSR, a BM-8-24 with Katyusha launcher was added in the Battle of Moscow campaign.


This tank is based on the well-known American M4 Sherman - its main gun still works, but as soon as you have a group of enemy soldiers in your sights, a 114-mm rocket launcher turns on. Sixty high-explosive rounds will knock enemy troops to the ground!

Tactical advice: concentrate your rocket fire on the enemy infantry. Rockets are powerful, but they don't have enough penetrating power to destroy heavily armored vehicles. And make sure you keep your rocket launcher away from enemy tanks! Such a large target can easily be hit by a lucky grenade - and if the ammo detonates, your victorious campaign will quickly be over.

Tank Launcher 42

Although it is installed on a lightly armored platform, the enemy cannot relax. Its missiles are as dangerous to infantry as those of the Calliope. Its 10 10 ammunition is enough to land devastating hits at close range, and it has a MG machine gun with very fast aiming for defense for a few soldiers in the cockpit.

Tactical advice: Their attack is incredibly powerful, but it will be difficult to withstand counterfire. So it's worth taking a position in advance and practicing firing the rocket launcher - the huge rockets won't give the enemy a chance, but because of their weight you'll have to get used to their ballistics.


  • New weather effects have been added for all missions in the game: Sunsets and Sunrises, Gloomy Weather, and Thunderstorms and Lightning.
  • Volumetric clouds have been added. In the PC version, the Cloud Quality setting has been added. You can enable the new animated volumetric clouds on PC, they are disabled by default.
  • The balance between dark spaces and bright light has been improved, and the sun now dazzles less in all weather conditions.


The Enlisted PC client now includes its own advanced mission editor. Missions created there can be played in multiplayer mode!


A new confrontation mode has been added to all campaigns. This mode is similar to a tug of war: Both teams attack and fight for controllable and contested points. Capturing each point shifts the front line toward your opponent. You can win by capturing points one by one and pushing the enemy off the battlefield, or by using up all of the enemy's respawn points.


New missions in the Battle for Moscow campaign:

  • Voskhod Settlement (Confrontation).
  • Vysokovo Village West (Invasion)

New missions in the campaign Invasion of Normandy:

  • Gare de Saint-Lo (Confrontation)
  • La Perelle Village (Invasion)

New missions in the campaign Battle for Berlin:

  • Werbig Station (Confrontation)
  • Railroad Bridge (Invasion)

New missions in the campaign Battle for Tunisia:

  • Cave Village Kahif (Confrontation)
  • The Gorge in the South (Invasion)

New missions in the campaign Battle for Stalingrad:

  • Univermag (Confrontation)
  • Communist Road East (Invasion)


  • In the Invasion of Normandy campaign, new weapons were added: the M9 Bazooka for the US and the RPzB 43 Stovepipe for Germany.
  • In the Battle of Berlin campaign, new weapons were added: The Soviet AVS-36 sniper rifle and the German StG 44 in its sniper configuration. The AS-44 assault rifle as part of a premium squad for the USSR and the STG 45 (M) assault rifle as part of a premium squad for Germany.
  • In the Battle of Tunisia campaign, new weapons were added: the M1928A1 with a drum magazine for the Allies and the Beretta M38 with an extended magazine for the Axis.
  • In the Battle for Stalingrad campaign, new weapons were added: the Mosina M91/30 with an anti-tank grenade launcher for the USSR and the Kar98k with an anti-tank grenade launcher for Germany.
  • New weapons were added in the Battle for Moscow campaign: The SKT-40 sniper as part of a premium squad for the USSR and the Rifle 41 sniper for Germany.
  • Impact grenades have been added in the Invasion of Normandy and Battle for Tunisia campaigns. These grenades explode when they hit a hard surface.
  • Binoculars have been added to all campaigns.
  • The hip flask has been added to all campaigns. Once used, the soldier's stamina regenerates quickly for a while, even during intense actions.
  • Shovels have been added to all campaigns. They can be used for digging soft ground or as a melee weapon.
    In addition, the efficiency of the shovel has been improved: the amount of earth dug with each action has been increased, the damage has been increased from 7.5 to 10, the attack range has been increased by 25 cm and the attack speed has been increased by 20r.
  • Pioneer machine gun nests now have country-specific models:
    Axis Pioneers in all campaigns: MG 34 on a special mount.
    Allied sappers in the Invasion of Normandy and Battle of Tunisia campaigns: Browning 1919A4.
    Soviet sappers in the Battle of Moscow and the Battle of Berlin: a Maxim Sokolov machine gun without armor shield.
    Pioneers of the USSR in the Battle of Stalingrad: A Maxim machine gun with the armor shield.
  • An option to move anti-tank guns has been added to all campaigns.
  • The recoil of mobile anti-tank guns has been reduced.
  • (PC only) The default control setting for switching weapon fire mode has been changed to the H (quick press) key.
    Added authentic flamethrower cylinders for the Flammenwerfer 35/Flammenwerfer 41 (Germany), the M1/M2 (USA) and the ROKS-2 (USSR).


  • New vehicles in the Battle for Moscow campaign: T-34 1940 mod with the L-11 cannon for the USSR and the Pz.III Ausf.J with the L60 cannon for Germany.
  • New vehicles in the Battle of Berlin campaign: the IS-2 1943 mod for the USSR and the Tiger II (P) for Germany.
  • New vehicles in the Battle of Stalingrad campaign: the T-34 1941 mod for the USSR and the StuG III Ausf.F for Germany.
  • New vehicles in the Battle of Tunisia campaign: the Spitfire Mk Vc for the Allies and the Bf 109 F-4/trop for the Axis forces.
    Vehicle customizations have been added for all campaigns - unique camouflage and historical decals. You can find these in the "Appearance" menu in the hangar for each vehicle, except for special vehicles, which have a unique look.
  • The look of the gunner's visor is now different for each country and better matches the historical look of the visors of each country.
  • Improved control of wheeled armored vehicles: Improved grip and less skidding, as well as improved turning ability.
    M3 Lee - added the ability to control the commander's turret with the machine gun separately from the other guns.
  • Torn off parts of aircraft are now shown when viewed from the cockpit.
  • Correct hanging armament is now displayed on aircraft in the hangar and in combat.
    (PC only) The default control settings for exiting vehicles alone have been changed to the B button.

This is only an excerpt from the Burning Skys changelog. The complete changelog can be found on the official website of the game.

  • Source: Official website

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