Theorycraft announces Open Beta - Public Playtest from June 27 to July 4


06/25/2024 - Theorycraft Games has announced the open beta for its neon-apocalyptic hero battle royale SUPERVIVE for 2024. A public playtest will take place from June 27 to July 4.

Theorycraft Games has announced that its first title, SUPERVIVE, will enter open beta in 2024. The game, previously codenamed "Project Loki", is a neon-apocalyptic hero battle royale that takes place in a dynamic action sandbox. Here, strategic and explosive gunfights meet unique storm chasers, making the game a thrilling challenge. SUPERVIVE aims to be the next big game for competitive squads.

To celebrate the announcement, Theorycraft Games will host the largest public playtest to date from June 27 through July 4. During this period, interested players can test the game and get a first impression. The official gameplay trailer already offers a taste of what players can expect.

SUPERVIVE is a free-to-play, squad-based hero battle royale in which teams of two or four players compete against each other on a huge, floating map. As a deadly storm approaches, players battle for objectives, utilize unique powers and equipment, and develop creative strategies to be the last team standing. The game will always remain free-to-play, and only cosmetic items will be available for sale. Pay-for-power elements are not planned.

Joe Tung, CEO of Theorycraft Games, expressed his excitement about the game's development: "We left our safe jobs in the AAA sector and bet on ourselves; we want to see if we can create the deepest game in the world and develop it in a new way - under the public eye and together with real players from day one. It's been a wild ride for us so far and we're proud to present SUPERVIVE. We are extremely grateful to our community and look forward to welcoming all new players!"

Features of SUPERVIVE:

SUPERVIVE offers an action sandbox made for improv. Players can choose between different groups and modes, such as Battle Royale with ten teams consisting of four players each, Battle Royale with 20 teams of two players or 4v4 deathmatches. There are currently 15 fighters, which can be roughly assigned to the three archetypes of Fighter, Controller and Support. Each fighter has unique abilities that can be unlocked in normal play.

The game also offers various methods to bring back team members, including team-wide revive signals. Combined with the absolute lethality and gameplay depth of SUPERVIVE, the outcome of a fight is always uncertain.

In addition, there are random "storm shifts" that change the variables of the game. Examples of these are deadly high-speed trains or wandering storms. Theorycraft plans to continue developing the game after launch, with new fighters, biomes and powers being added for free.

Due to limited server capacity, there are only a limited number of seats available. Theorycraft is using a special Twitch drop campaign, where viewers who watch more streams of the game have a higher chance of gaining access to the playtest.

SUPERVIVE is a neon-apocalyptic Hero Battle Royale developed by Theorycraft Games and going into Open Beta in 2024.

When will the public playtest take place?
The public playtest will take place from June 27 to July 4, 2024.

How many players can play in a team?
Teams can consist of two or four players. There are modes with ten teams of four players or 20 teams of two.

What elements are sold in the game?
SUPERVIVE will always be free-to-play. Only cosmetic items will be sold, no pay-for-power items.

What are "Storm Shifts"?
"Storm Shifts are random events that change the variables of the game, such as deadly high-speed trains or wandering storms.

  • Source: Official website

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