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New update heralds partnership with McLaren

PUBG: Mobile

03/17/2022 - KRAFTON, Inc. today announced that the March update for NEW STATE MOBILE on Android and iOS is now available. This update launches the Battle Royale game`s partnership with McLaren Automotive, as the 765LT supercar is now available in the game.

The March update also includes a new survivor pass, reworking of the Erangel map, a new MG3 weapon and additional weapon customization slots for the Vector and Mini-14.

NEW STATE MOBILE`s collaboration with luxury supercar manufacturer McLaren Automotive introduces the 765LT to the game. The 765LT - lighter, more powerful and with the highest level of driving experience - is the latest in a line of "long-tail" McLarens and the most advanced and exciting LT model McLaren has ever built. Players can now experience the car on both Troi and Erangel to test drive the most powerful LT ever, or get the exclusive vehicle skins through a limited-time McLaren 765LT crate. The 765LT is available in five color variants: McLaren Orange, Luminaire Green, Sunset Orange, Thunderbolt Blue and NEW STATE Special.

Below is a full rundown of the other major features added to the game with the March update.

  • Survivor Pass Vol. 5: The March update introduces a new survivor pass featuring Cynthia Strong from Project Justice for NEW STATE MOBILE. Players can earn Cynthia Strong`s costumes and character appearance by completing all story missions. Players who upgrade to the Premium Pass will also receive Cynthia Strong`s Shadow Assassin costume.
  • Rework of Erangel: Erangel has received an update that focuses primarily on the southwestern region of Erangel`s northern island. Avanpost is a new location on the map, while a factory has been added to the quarry and a new loot spot has been added to the ferry dock. These additions provide players entering Erangel with a new and improved loot and combat experience.
  • New Weapon - MG3: The MG3 is a fully automatic LMG with 7.62mm ammo and a 75-round magazine. It has two rates of fire - 660 rpm and 990 rpm, with the default rate of fire set at 990 rpm, causing the most DPS of any weapon with the 990 rpm setting. This new weapon will spawn in supply packs on each map and has a chance to appear in the weapon box located in the Chester Police Station on Troi.
  • New Weapon Customizations: With the March update, the Vector and Mini-14 will receive a second slot to further improve their weapon customizations and durability. The Vector can now be equipped with a drum magazine that holds 45 rounds, but this significantly reduced the weapon`s reload speed. The Mini-14 now has an open stock slot where tactical stock attachments can be fitted to improve stability and recoil control and reduce ADS speed.
  • Seasonal Events: Along with the new update, a cherry blossom-themed lobby and various events will be introduced to celebrate the new season and the start of spring! Players can participate in the events to earn various spring-themed rewards, including a cherry blossom weapon and a cherry blossom profile frame.

The March update for NEW STATE MOBILE is now playable on Android and iOS.

  • Source: Press release

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