The nominees for 2022 have been determined!


03/07/2022 - The German Computer Game Prize (DCP) announces the nominees for 2022. From 456 submissions, the jury has determined the best games of the year. With three nominations, the indie adventure OMNO by solo developer Jonas Manke from Werther in NRW is a hot contender for an award.

The debut title A Juggler`s Tale by kaleidoscube from Stuttgart has the chance to win two awards. It will be exciting in the category "Player of the Year". From now on, the community is in demand and can help determine the winner via online voting until March 27, 2022. This year`s DCP is endowed with prize money totaling 800,000 euros. The grand awards ceremony will take place on March 31 in Munich and live stream.

This year, 456 submissions were received by the award office of the German Computer Game Prize, around 100 more than last year. Last Thursday, the main jury determined the winners based on the nominations of the expert juries. The 34-member main jury is made up of experts from various areas of the games industry, science, culture, media and politics. The jury was chaired again this year by Prof. Odile Limpach, Professor of Economics and Entrepreneurship at the Cologne Game Lab of the TH Cologne.

In the category "Best German Game", Chorus, Endzone - A World Apart and Lacuna are vying for the coveted award. Here, prize money of 100,000 euros awaits the winner and 30,000 euros each for the other two nominees. The nominees can therefore already look forward to prize money. This also applies to the two young talent award categories, whose nominees are assured prize money of 25,000 euros.

In the category "Player of the Year", the DCP invites you to participate. Here the Community submitted first suggestions, from which a specially convened jury of experts determined the nominees. The nominees are Melanie Eilert (aka melly_maeh), Maximilian Knabe (aka HandOfBlood), Matthias Remmert (aka Knochen), Pia Scholz (aka Shurjoka) and Kuro Takhasomi (aka KuroKy). From now on, the community can help decide the winner. Online voting is open until March 27, 2022 here.

The new category "Best Live Game" will also be exciting. Here games are awarded, which already inspire a large community over many years and which have developed particularly positively in the past year. Nominated are Anno 1800, Hunt: Showdown and Tropico 6.

Die Nominierten 2022 im Überblick:

Best German Game

(endowed with 100,000 euros for the winning game and 30.000 Euro for the two other nominees)

  • Chorus (Deep Silver FISHLABS / Koch Media)
  • Endzone - A World Apart (Gentlymad Studios / Assemble Entertainment)
  • Lacuna (DigiTales Interactive / Assemble Entertainment)

Best Family Game

(endowed with 40.000 Euro)

  • Cat Q - A Quantum Adventure (kamibox)
  • OMNO (Studio Inkyfox)
  • Witchtastic (Flemming Visual Effects / Application Systems Heidelberg Software)

Young Talent Award - Best Debut

(endowed with 60.000 Euro for the best debut game and 25.000 Euro for the two other nominees)

  • A Juggler "s Tale (kaleidoscube / Mixtvision Mediengesellschaft)
  • Cleo - a pirate "s tale (Greycap Audiovisual Mediadesign)
  • White Shadows (Monocle / Headup Games)

Young Talent Award - Best Prototype

(endowed with 50.000 euros for the best prototype and 25.000 euros for the four other nominees)

  • Delightfyl (Felicitas Brämer)
  • Makis Adventure (Mateo Covic, Eric Hartmann / Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences)
  • Skuggor (Tobias Borns, Sebastian Krause, Julia Wolf / Trier University of Applied Sciences)
  • Wiblu (Peter Bartonik, Christian Walter, Ramona Raabe)
  • Words (Ahmet Zahit Dönmez / TH Köln - Cologne Game Lab)

Best Innovation and Technology

(endowed with 40.000 Euro)

  • The Fall - Race against Time (MixUp)
  • VR Skater (DEFICIT Games)
  • Warpdrive (Holocafe)

Best Game World and Aesthetics

(endowed with 40.000 Euro)

  • A Juggler "s Tale (kaleidoscube / Mixtvision Mediengesellschaft)
  • ITORAH (Grimbart Tales / Assemble Entertainment)
  • OMNO (Studio Inkyfox)

Best Game Design

(endowed with 40.000 Euro)

  • Get Together: A Coop Adventure (Studio Sterneck)
  • Kraken Academy!!! (Happy Broccoli Games / Fellow Traveller)
  • OMNO (Studio Inkyfox)

Best Serious Game

(endowed with 40,000 euros)

  • EZRA (Landesverband Kinder- und Jugendfilm Berlin e.V.)
  • NEPO Missions (Gentle Troll Entertainment / Fraunhofer Institute IAIS)
  • Songs of Cultures - (A.MUSE - Interactive Design Studio)

Best Mobile Game

(endowed with 40.000 Euro)

  • Albion Online (Sandbox Interactive)
  • Homeworld Online (Stratosphere Games / Gearbox Publishing)
  • Settle and Battle (Attic Games Studio)

Best Expert Game

(endowed with 40.000 Euro)

  • ELEX II (Piranha Bytes / THQ Nordic)
  • Imagine Earth (Serious Brothers)
  • Kubifaktorium (Neomateria Games)

Best Live Game

(endowed with 40.000 Euro)

  • Anno 1800 (Ubisoft Mainz / Ubisoft)
  • Hunt: Showdown (Crytek / Koch Media)
  • Tropico 6 (Kalypso Media Group / Kalypso Media Group)

Best International Game


  • Elden Ring (From Software / Bandai Namco Entertainment Germany)
  • Horizon Forbidden West (SIE Guerilla / Sony Interactive Entertainment)
  • It Takes Two (Hazelight Studios / Electronic Arts)

Best International Multiplayer-Game


  • Age of Empires IV (Relic Entertainment / Microsoft Germany)
  • Forza Horizon 5 (Playground Games / Microsoft Germany)
  • It Takes Two (Hazelight Studios / Electronic Arts)

Gamer of the Year


  • Melanie Eilert (aka melly_maeh)
  • Maximilian Knabe (aka HandOfBlood)
  • Matthias Remmert (aka Knochen)
  • Pia Scholz (aka Shurjoka)
  • Kuro Takhasomi (aka KuroKy)

Studio of the Year

(endowed with 50.000 Euro)

  • CipSoft (Regensburg)
  • Paintbucket Games (Berlin)
  • Wooga (Berlin)

Special Jury Award

(endowed with 10,000 Euro)

No nominations. Possible winners will be announced on March 31, 2022.

How the jury works:

The award winners are determined in a multi-stage process. First, the expert juries deliberate on the nominations in the various categories. Then the main jury selects the winners from the nominees. The selection criteria for the best games of the year are aspects such as quality, innovative content, fun to play, or cultural and educational appeal. The diverse jury is made up of experts from various areas of the games industry and beyond - from business and science to culture, media and politics. The full list of jury members is available here.

Highlight Games

World War 3

Start of the Open Beta

09/29/2022 - GEM Capital and Wishlist Games have sent World War 3 into open beta today. The shooter, which is also often referred to as a free alternative to Battlefield, aims to offer an extremely authentic tactical experience, reminiscent of real warfare, but still accessible. Read more

The Cycle: Frontier

The Cataclysm has raged: Start of Season 2

09/28/2022 - The Cataclysm has raged and ended the first season of The Cycle: Frontier with a big bang. After the mighty storm swept away all items - cosmetic items and the in-game currency Aurum excepted - it's a new beginning for everyone! Season 2 with the subtitle The Depths of Tharis Island offers, among other things, a third game map with completely new challenges. Read more


The battle in the Pacific is on!

09/27/2022 - Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow Software today announced the release of the "Pacific War" content update for the online shooter Enlisted. The new campaign faithfully recreates the battles in the Pacific theater of World War II. Read more

Tower of Fantasy

New playable character and event for the upcoming Vera update

09/27/2022 - Things heat up even more in Tower of Fantasy on October 6, when the new character Cobalt-B is introduced. A mechanical engineer on Hykros' weapons development team, Cobalt-B has an innate instinct for creating highly effective weapons, which she tests on unsuspecting members of the Hyenas. Watch Cobalt-B in action in the brand new video. Read more

PUBG: Mobile

Fog of War anti-cheat system presented

09/23/2022 - PUBG MOBILE has officially unveiled the Fog of War anti-cheat system, PUBG MOBILE's latest security measure to effectively combat X-ray vision cheaters, also known as wallhacks. Read more

World War 3

The Open Beta starts on September 29th!

09/23/2022 - The tactical shooter World War 3 will enter open beta on September 29. All players who have purchased a closed beta package will be eligible to participate in the 3-day beta on September 26. Also, the game will be free for all players starting September 29. Read more

World of Tanks

World of Tanks brings back an epic vehicle

09/22/2022 - During the upcoming "The Weapon Bearer: Legacy" event, players will once again be exposed to the extremely powerful weapon of Krieger's family, play in the Harrier Squad and unlock exclusive rewards. The Weapon Bearer is one of the most anticipated annual campaigns by tank players. Read more


Landrush event on the new server

09/22/2022 - Kakao Games and XLGAMES have announced their upcoming Landrush and Server Boost event for the sandbox MMORPG ArcheAge to celebrate the opening of the new server. Read more

The Cycle: Frontier

Cataclysm event ends Season 1 on September 22nd

09/21/2022 - Season 1 of YAGER's free-to-play extraction shooter The Cycle: Frontier is coming to an end with a big bang starting September 22! The Cataclysm event changes Fortuna III and presents the community with completely new challenges. Read more


New Chapter - A Journey to the Outlands of Everon

09/21/2022 - Bohemia Interactive today announced the release of Vigor Chronicles: Deliverance. It is the latest chapter in the free-to-play looter-shooter series and is available starting today. Read more

Lost Ark

New class: The machinist

09/21/2022 - This high-tech character is the fifth advanced gunner class and armed with laser weapons, drones and machine guns. The drone can strike accurately from a distance and perform unique attacks. If that's not enough, the machinist can activate his identity skill and wrap himself in cutting-edge technology with hyper-synchronization. Read more

Rise of Cultures

Thai event leads to the 16th century

09/19/2022 - With the new event, we introduce a queen who rode into battle on a war elephant and gave her life for her king. Suriyothai, queen and wife of King Maha Chakkraphat of Siam, needs the help of Rise of Cultures players on her journey through the beautiful land we know as Thailand. Read more

GOT: Winter is Coming

Developers release cross-server PVP event

09/16/2022 - Game of Thrones Winter is Coming has introduced "All-Out War," a brand new cross-server battleground event that takes the story of Westeros to a new level. This is a cross-server PvP event where different factions compete for ultimate glory with real-time tactical control over battles. Read more

War Thunder

Age of drones

09/15/2022 - Gaijin Entertainment informs that the update "Drone Age" for the online vehicle combat action game War Thunder is now available for players. It expands the range of available weapon systems from different eras. Read more

Tower of Fantasy

Update 1.5 brings new area and more

09/15/2022 - Today, publisher Level Infinite and developer Hotta Studio announced the update to version 1.5 for Tower of Fantasy. The update brings a number of in-game events, a new 8-player boss raid, a new character and weapon, and a new area just waiting to be explored Read more


Successor in development - Kakao Games secures publishing rights

09/15/2022 - ArcheAge 2 is scheduled to launch in 2024 and has generated a lot of interest since 2020 following the success and special gameplay of ArcheAge. Kakao Games now announced that it has reached a publishing agreement with XLGAMES for the MMORPG ArcheAge 2, which is currently in development. Read more

PUBG: Mobile

Krafton releases new version 2.2

09/14/2022 - Tomorrow, PUBG MOBILE will release the new update version 2.2, which will allow players to explore the tropics with the new map Nusa, fight in new locations in an updated map, experience the exciting thematic game mode Gear Front Mode, as well as unlock and use a number of new cosmetics as part of Cycle 3 Season 8 and Royale Pass Month 15. Read more


The war in the Pacific flares up in September!

09/13/2022 - Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment announced today that Enlisted will be expanded with a Pacific campaign at the end of September. This will introduce the Imperial Japanese Army to the game and the combined infantry, ground vehicle and aircraft battles will now take place on the islands of the Pacific Ocean. Read more


Hervstevents in the games of Upjers

09/13/2022 - Snow White finds a home behind the seven mountains with the seven dwarfs in two of the most popular upjers games: "My Little Farmies" and "My Free Zoo". Both browser games feature elements of the famous novel "Grimm's Fairy Tales" and have prepared fairy-tale autumn events for you. Read more


Uniliga: KIT SC White again German eSport University Champion

09/09/2022 - The duel of the Uniliga titans has been decided: The eSports record champion KIT SC White from Karlsruhe defeated its challenger "Bremer Brüder" after an exciting match with 3:2. The two most dominant League of Legends teams of the Uniliga delivered a thrilling final match for the university championship title on Saturday at the Xperion in Cologne. Read more

World of Warships

Seven years on the seven seas: Wargaming celebrates anniversary

09/08/2022 - Wargaming, publisher and developer of the free multiplayer naval game World of Warships, is celebrating the title's seventh anniversary this September. For this occasion, Wargaming is releasing a series of in-game activities, which we would like to introduce to you in this article. Read more