Neymar Jr. faces PUBG partners in Deston Rise event


08/02/2022 - Soccer superstar Neymar Jr. will participate with his team in the "Deston Rise" livestream event on August 3 from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. as part of KRAFTON's partnership with PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. He and his team will measure their skills against several other PUBG partners on the newly released map Deston.

In addition to livestreaming the event on the official Twitch channel of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, Neymar Jr. will participate in various activities on-site in Paris to influence certain rules of the "Deston Rise" event - such as what items Neymar Jr. can use and what items or equipment other squads can or cannot use during the challenges.

During the Deston Rise event, Neymar Jr. and his team will participate in two different challenges: "Neymar Jr.'s Squad versus Everyone: Lodge Defense" for two matches and "PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS BR Match" for one match. During the challenges, Neymar Jr. will show off his soccer skills, potentially changing the course of the battles he encounters. Below is an overview of the challenges Neymar Jr. will face during the event.

Neymar Jr.'s Squad vs Everyone: Lodge Defense

The first challenge pits Neymar Jr.'s squad against everyone else, with Neymar Jr. tasked with defending the Point-of-Interest (POI) Lodge in Deston. The challenge will be played in TPP with Team Neymar Jr. against seven other PUBG partner teams. Team Neymar Jr. is only allowed to loot in the Lodge area, and the objective is simple: defend it. In doing so, at least one member of the team must remain alive. The challenge runs over two matches and the rules are as follows:

  • Neymar Jr. and his team are only allowed to loot the Lodge area.
  • All other partner streamers may loot everywhere else in Deston.
    • The only weapons allowed are - 1) Melee weapons,
      2) crossbow and 3) pistols.
    • Tactical equipment and health and boost items may be used.
  • The Bluezone will be centered so that it is around the Lodge area.
  • There will be an on-site activity where Neymar Jr. can use a soccer goal to spawn desired weapons and items in Lodge.


The second and final challenge will feature the regular PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Battle Royale format- but with a twist. Neymar Jr.'s team and seven other PUBG partner teams will drop in Deston with rules below for one match:

  • Only Level 1 gear (helmet/backpack/vest) spawns in Deston.
  • The game master with access to Sandbox Mode can manually grant Neymar Jr. Level 3 equipment and self-AED.
  • A live Neymar Jr. soccer goal can be used to handicap other PUBG partner teams (e.g. which weapons or items cannot be used or must be used).

During the livestream on the official PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Twitch channel, viewers who watch the broadcast will be able to receive special rewards as part of a raffle. The raffle will be hosted by Neymar Jr. and PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS.

Deston Summer Tour

Also, the final week of the Deston Summer Tour event is dawning. In this, PC and console players can take a screenshot or video of themselves posing in an area of their choice on Deston. Players can then upload them to their Twitter, Instagram or Facebook account, including their in-game nickname, game platform and "#DestonSummerTour." 500 winners randomly selected from the submitted entries will be lucky enough to receive souvenirs: 1,000 G-COIN and a Deston Tour spray.

  • Source: Press release

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