Star Trek Online

New story update Stormfall is online!

Star Trek Online

05/13/2022 - Team up with an all-star cast in Stormfall, Star Trek Online's latest story update. Kate Mulgrew returns as Admiral Janeway from the main Star Trek universe and her villainous, Borg-infested mirror counterpart.

At her side is Mary Wiseman as Sylvia "Killy" Tilly, the unhinged, homicidal version of Tilly from Star Trek: Discovery. Chase Masterson returns in her role as Admiral Leeta, the true antithesis of her character in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Kipleigh Brown plays a version of Kuumaarke we've never seen before. And finally, Noah Averbach-Katz (Ryn, from Star Trek: Discovery) will step out from behind his streaming desk and into the game for the very first time, playing Rae-Yeet, a denizen of the Mirror Universe who rebels against the evil Terran Empire. You'll stand alongside or face all of these forces, including your own dark mirror image.

The story takes place in two brand new episodes, "All on Blue" and "The Calling." We've also reworked the "Assault on Terok Nor" task force into the new "Forged in Fire." Last but not least, you can fight the Terran Empire on the updated map of Deep Space Nine, with brand new cutscenes, enemies and boss mechanics. You can play all this and more in the Heart of the Storm event to unlock a powerful new set of Kuumaarke from the Mirror Universe. And if you're brand new or just want to see it again, the 2409-era Federation tutorial has received a long-needed update, with more depth, better environments and cutscenes, modernized content, and interactions with Admiral Janeway as well as Aron Eisenberg as Captain Nog.

Lower Decks is one of our favorite new additions to the Star Trek canon, and we're adding the California-class, the show's flagship, to the Infinity lockbox starting today. In addition, several fantastic items from the show, such as the Medical Constraint Rifle and the Scorpion Cube have been added to the Lobi store. It's an exciting time to be a fan of Star Trek Online, and we're happy to have you with us, Captains. See you in the infinite realms.

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