Overwatch 2

Season 8: Call of the Hunt has started today!

Overwatch 2

12/05/2023 - Wild battles and the hunt for epic new rewards await you in the new season of Overwatch 2. This season of wildlife hunters features the new tank hero Mauga, winter holiday events, new hero trial courses, and new rewards to discover. Overwatch 2 - Season 8: Call of the Hunt starts today, December 05. Find out more here!

Players were already able to see Mauga in action during BlizzCon 2023, but now you can permanently unlock this new tank hero in Overwatch 2. Mauga is a cunning tactician who can give opponents a run for their money with his two Chain Guns. With Tackle, he can break through rows of enemies and pounce on individual opponents. He supports his team with Overdrive and uses his powerful Ultimate Cage Fight to trap opponents and take them on in close quarters. We've kept an eye on his stats, listened to your feedback and made some adjustments to make him stand out even more. His Chain Guns are now more powerful and, thanks to additional armor, he can last even longer in battle. You can find more details on these changes in the patch notes.

Start the new season with the Battle of the Beasts

Overwatch 2 - Season 8: Call of the Hunt is an epic season of beast hunting. Fight 4v4 with epic and powerful big beasts in an entertaining PvPvE game mode: the Battle of the Beasts. Big beasts clash and you must protect your beast while plotting together how to take down the opposing beast. In this mode, you can play Mauga for free as the only available tank or try your hand at one of the many heroes with hunter skin to take down the big beast and avoid its powerful abilities. May the best hunters win.

Play Battle of the Beasts and your favorite game modes to complete new challenges in a limited-time event until December 18. You'll receive new cosmetic extras, including a highlight intro for Mauga and a new name card, as well as up to 25,000 Battle Pass XP to get a head start on the Season 8 Battle Pass and unlock new rewards, including the Mythic Great Beast skin for Orisa, available in the Premium Battle Pass.

Introducing: "Hard Light" weapon skins

Weapon skins are now available - a new way to customize your heroes. First up are the Hard Light weapons for Reinhardt, Reaper and Mercy. These sleek designs with custom graphics and sound effects can be used with all of these heroes' skins. Look forward to more weapon skins in future seasons.

These skins are just the beginning of weapon customization. As we develop more weapon skins, we want to hear from you about what you like most about the skins. Your feedback is crucial to the further development of weapon skins and other ways to customize your heroes.

Winter wonderland ahead

Ring in the holidays with the Winter Wonderland event! Our heroes are celebrating the occasion with brand new holiday skins. Complete the challenge and unlock a legendary skin of your choice. You can choose from dressed-up skins: Formal attire for Cassidy and Baptiste or the cozy skin: Winter Pajamas for Illari. Jump into the fray with the returning, ever-popular event modes such as Mei's Snowball Fight and Yeti Hunt, where new challenges and rewards await. Winter Wonderland will be available from Tuesday, December 19.

Put your skills to the test with Echo, Genji, Mei, D.Va and Lúcio

The next wave of Hero Trial Courses will be available right at the start of the year from January 2 in a five-week event, with a new course for a hero taking center stage each week. Of course, this also comes with new challenges and cosmetic extras.

At the start of Season 8, we're introducing a new feature for Hero Trial replays: Bookmarks! That's right, you'll be able to bookmark specific locations in the replay timeline to find them quickly. Due to some improvements to the mode since its release, the leaderboard for all current Hero Trials courses has been reset. Don't worry if you had already secured a spot in the top 500 - we'll be bringing back the old leaderboard for review in a future update.

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon and the return of prop hunting with us!

At the end of Season 8, the Lunar New Year event returns! We've taken your feedback into action and are excited to announce that the community-favorite Prop Hunt game mode of Mischief and Magic will be available on the Lijiang Tower - Night Market map, where Rogue Kiriko can transform into all-new props that can make you paranoid! You can also look forward to new legendary skins in the store as well as returning modes such as capture the flag and bounty hunter deathmatch. The Year of the Dragon fireworks and festivities begin on January 30th.

Go hunting today!

Play for free to unlock over 25 new cosmetic extras, including 2 epic skins. Upgrade to the Premium Battle Pass to get the mythical Great Beast skin for Orisa and 80 levels of rewards. Or get the ultimate Battle Pass package with 20 level jumps, the legendary skin Magma for Mauga, the legendary skin Tracker for Widowmaker and the epic skin Magma for Moira as well as 2,000 credits for the store. By popular demand from the community, the skins from the Starter Pack and Ultimate Battle Pass Pack for your favorite heroes are now also available separately with Overwatch Coins in the Hero Gallery.

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