New Ravagers Ascension season brings epic battles and rewards


06/06/2024 - The new season "Ravagers Ascension" in Crossout brings numerous new features and challenges for players on PC, PS and Xbox. Discover new parts, brawls and PvP modes!

The new "Ravagers Ascension" season has begun in Crossout and brings a host of new features and challenges for players. The season runs until September 18 and offers a new Battle Pass with 75 main levels and numerous additional rewards on both PC and consoles.

During the season, players can collect "Lighters", which can be exchanged for new parts or other items. From level 121, players who have purchased the Battle Pass will receive additional "Lighters" for each level reached. At the end of the season, unused Lighters will be removed from the game.

New parts and mechanics

The new season also brings numerous new parts to the game. These include the "Titan" heavy wheel, the "Fatum" drone, the "Aquilo" radiator, the "Lucifer" rocket turret and many more. Each of these parts brings unique advantages and new strategic possibilities to the game. In addition, the energy supply system has been reworked to allow for better balance and more variety in vehicle builds.

Brawls and PvP modes

The season includes a trilogy of PvP brawls against the Ravagers: Operation "Red light", Operation "Radiance" and Operation "Blackout". These brawls take place one after the other and offer exciting battles on specially designed maps. In addition, there is the "Battle for Uranium" mode, which takes place from June 10 to 16 and gives players the opportunity to fight for valuable uranium in ranked PvP battles.

New PvP map and events

A new PvP map called "Brotherhood stronghold" is also part of the season. This map offers a varied environment with many cover options and open areas, ideal for exciting battles at different HP levels. In addition, the "Firefight" Brawl returns, where players compete against each other in team battles on predetermined vehicles.

Revisions and balance changes

The update also brings numerous balance changes and improvements. These include adjustments to the energy consumption and power supply of parts, changes to the properties and effects of weapons and modules, as well as the introduction of new interface options and improvements to the visual effects in the game.

What is the new "Ravagers Ascension" season in Crossout?
The new season is called "Ravagers Ascension" and brings numerous new features, including new parts, brawls and PvP modes.

How long does the "Ravagers Ascension" season last?
The season runs until September 18th.

What new parts are available in the season?
New parts include the "Titan" heavy wheel, the "Fatum" drone, the "Aquilo" radiator, the "Lucifer" rocket turret and many more.

What are "Lighters" and how are they used?
"Lighters" are special resources that can be collected during the season and exchanged for parts or other items. Unused lighters will be removed at the end of the season.

What are the new PvP Brawls in the season?
The new PvP Brawls are Operation "Red light", Operation "Radiance" and Operation "Blackout". These will take place one after the other and offer exciting battles on specially designed maps.

Are there any new PvP maps?
Yes, the new map "Brotherhood stronghold" is available and offers a varied environment for exciting battles.

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