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Content update Beyond the Veil is online!

Albion Online

11/21/2022 - Albion Online releases its next major content update: Beyond the Veil. This update will take players to the strangest and most magical corners of Albion, where there are new mysterious lands to explore and treasures to admire - for single players, groups, and small and large guilds alike.

First and foremost, this update introduces an entirely new realm to the game: the Mists. The Mists offer solo and duo players a wide range of PvP and PvE opportunities in a magical, ephemeral environment. With purple landscapes and fantastic creatures, players will experience the thrill of exploring a pristine region without the presence of large groups.

However, the mists hold even more secrets. For those worthy enough, a new city will be revealed in its depths: Brecilien. This city has no fixed location and is accessible only to those who have revealed its secrets deep within the mists. Once revealed, Brecilien can be accessed from the Mists and the streets of Avalon, and will serve as a base for players who wish to make these ancient lands the center of their adventures. The Mists are also home to never-before-seen creatures that cast powerful spells and drop valuable artifacts. These artifacts, in turn, can be crafted into new Fey armor, which consists of nine items in three lines and offers a number of new spells to expand combat styles in Albion. In addition, resources are now available in a new, highly valuable Pristine enchantment that invites high-level combat in the open world and offers new opportunities for crafters.

This update also revamps the streets of Avalon to revitalize them for smaller and independent guilds. Hideouts on the roads can now be declared headquarters and their construction can be accelerated. Power cores can now also be found on the streets, along with treasures, upgraded mobs, crystal spiders, and more. Last but not least, Beyond the Veil brings notable quality of life improvements, such as improved guild crest creation, the ability to equip and purchase guild gear, and an updated character selection screen.


Beyond the Veil brings with it one of the most ambitious developments in Albion's history: a new realm called The Mists. This magical region is entered through ephemeral portals in the open world, opened by mysterious creatures called Wisps. These portals can be entered by either solo or duo players, depending on their size. There, without the presence of large, organized groups, players can enjoy a variety of PvE and PvP games and encounter both familiar and new creatures in a magical, untouched environment.

The mists are unstable, however, and the creeping fog within will eventually rise up and swallow a region, throwing players back to where they came from. Unless they can follow another will-o'-the-wisp further in....


Hidden deep in the mists and accessible only to the worthy, lies an ancient city called Brecilien. Brecilien has no fixed location and drifts in the mists, so to speak. Finding it is a challenge at first, and the exact way to get there is a well-kept secret of the city's inhabitants. Once it is revealed, players can reach it through portals in the mists and on the streets of Avalon, as well as through the journey planner.

Like other cities in Albion, Brecilien will have its own player islands, a marketplace, a bank, crafting stations, and crafting bonuses. The city will also contain portals to the Mists and the Roads, providing intrepid players with a base for exploring these strange and ancient realms.


The Mists offer solo and duo players a variety of gameplay options in an open world. There are both lethal and non-lethal zones, corresponding to the zone from which they were entered. In the non-lethal zones, players can try their hand at low-risk 1v1 battles or fight for valuable rewards in the lethal zones.

These rewards include mobs and treasures that improve over time, unenchanted and enchanted resources, and some new never-before-seen creatures - including the Wolpertinger, the Griffin, the Veil Weaver, and the Fey Dragon. In addition, some fog regions themselves will be enchanted, offering more powerful, as well as more valuable, enemies.


This update also introduces new magical creatures that call the Mists home. These strange and terrifying creatures can drop new artifacts that can be crafted into an entirely new artifact armor line: Fairy Armor. There are three main branches of this armor line - Fey Scale (cloth), Mistwalker (leather), and Duskweaver (plate) - with nine new items that can be crafted at stations throughout Albion. They offer a range of all-new spells, such as:

  • Spider Thread: slow down enemies or draw you towards them.
  • Afterimage: confuse enemies with an illusory doppelganger as you run toward them
  • Wild magic: overwhelm enemies with a series of spells


Resources have appeared in the Outland of Albion that are enchanted like never before. These so-called Pristine resources are extremely rare and are only found in the black zones of Albion. They appear as resource treasures on the regional and world maps, so any adventurer who discovers such a treasure is unlikely to be the only one - and since they are locked away for a period of time after their appearance, fierce battles are likely to break out over these extremely valuable treasures. These resources also offer new high-level opportunities to traders, refiners, and craftsmen, especially since they can also be produced through transmutation. Equipment crafted from pristine resources has a .4 tier suffix and adds a new dimension to weapons and armor across all tiers and content.


The Mists offer solo and duo players a whole new world of gameplay possibilities. This update revamps the streets of Avalon for small groups and independent guilds. Hiding places on the streets can be declared headquarters and must be supplied with energy accordingly. For this reason, there will also be power cores on the streets, which will be a new target for guilds to fight over. In addition to power cores, other new gameplay opportunities will be introduced in the streets - such as crystal spiders, open world treasure, and mob upgrades that will revitalize these areas as exciting, highly competitive regions of Albion.


Beyond the Veil offers quality of life improvements for both new and experienced players. The guild crest creator has been updated, and guilds can now better represent themselves to potential new recruits with an improved guild description. Guild equipment can now be purchased and equipped directly from the marketplace or from chests. Numerous improvements have also been made to party UIs for mobile players to more easily access and enjoy this content.


In addition, Beyond the Veil features a whole host of improvements and upgrades, including:

  • Visual and UI improvements to the character selection screen.
  • Vanities will be displayed in the character inspection screen
  • Destiny board tutorials for auto respec and auto learn
  • Mobile aiming and throwing improvements
  • Source: Official website

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