PUBG: Mobile

New mecha features in PUBG MOBILE: Version 3.2 update now available

PUBG: Mobile

05/14/2024 - The PUBG MOBILE version 3.2 update brings exciting mecha features, improvements to the World of Wonder mode, new legendary items and an upcoming partnership with a sports car manufacturer.

Mecha Fusion: New themed mode in PUBG MOBILE

The latest update to PUBG MOBILE, version 3.2, brings a host of exciting new features, including the new themed mode "Mecha Fusion". This mode introduces three unique mechs to the game: Levitron, Strider and Armamech. The Levitron can switch between speed and magnetic forms and has the ability to grab and throw characters, vehicles and objects. The Strider is characterized by its jumping and missile firing abilities, while the Armamech, a combination of Levitron and Strider, is equipped with dual weapons and the abilities of both mechs. These mechs can be found in various locations on the Erangel, Livik and Miramar maps, including the new futuristic base "Steel Ark".

Improvements to the World of Wonder mode

The World of Wonder mode also receives new mech-inspired elements and objects such as dummy targets and soccer balls. In Military Base Mecha GvG, players fight for victory in a showdown battle, while Steel Ark Catch Me is all about eliminating hidden players within a time limit. Other new features include the Steel Ark Infinite Respawn Royale mode, which pits four teams against each other with unlimited respawns, as well as an exciting 1v1 Mecha Battle and the Mecha Mayhem 8v8 Faction Battle.

New features and updates in Home mode

Update 3.2 also brings numerous improvements and new elements to Home Mode. These include elegant ancient capital city themed items and an improved blueprint building process. Players can take part in a new Home competition where they can show off their creativity and win exciting prizes. Submissions are open until June 1.

Metro Royale updates

Metro Royale mode is also receiving exciting updates, including improvements to the player experience, new collectibles and the new PvE opponent "Strider". Players can now open multiple inventory gift packs at once, repair all items with one click and unlock new honor rewards and collectibles. Certain gold collectibles can be displayed in the personal lobby area and HOME mode.

Cycle 6 Season 18 and future partnerships

Version 3.2 marks the beginning of Cycle 6 Season 18, which introduces new Legendary items such as the C6S18 Goggles, C6S18 Set, C6S18 Mask and more. In addition, players can look forward to an upcoming partnership with a sports car manufacturer and an exciting collaboration with an iconic anime sensation.

What is Mecha Fusion mode in PUBG MOBILE?
Mecha Fusion Mode is a new themed mode that brings three unique mechs to the game: Levitron, Strider and Armamech. Each mech has special abilities and can be found in different locations on the Erangel, Livik and Miramar maps.

What new items are available in Mecha Fusion mode?
New items include a jetpack that increases movement speed, a personal AED for self-rescue, a magnet gun and a respawn beacon that allows you to instantly revive eliminated team members.

What updates are there in World of Wonder mode?
World of Wonder mode will receive new mech-inspired game mechanics and objects, including dummy targets and soccer balls, as well as new game modes such as Military Base Mecha GvG and Steel Ark Infinite Respawn Royale.

What improvements have been made to Home mode?
Home mode has been enhanced with elegant ancient capital city themed items and the blueprint building process has been improved. There is also a new Home competition where players can show off their creativity and win prizes.

What's new in Metro Royale mode?
In Metro Royale mode, the player experience has been improved, new collectibles have been added and the new PvE opponent Strider has been introduced. Players can now open multiple inventory gift packs at the same time and repair all items with one click.

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