Cuddle alarm at the editorial office: The current test


07/16/2011 - We have built a small farm and soon wild fuzzy beans with big eyes in a variety of shapes and colors populated our yard. The answer to the eternal question of evolution is: First was the egg, then the Fluffy! ...and we also offer the answer to what the game can do.


INPUT 16/20

  • Good help overlays at crucial points
  • A brief, illustrated tutorial informs about the most important game elements even without a tutorial
  • Game reward for daily login: Increased amount for beginners
  • Learning By Doing: The game is not really complicated. Actions ,which are not yet possible, are well caught and the reason explained
  • No guided tutorial, the player has to find his own way


  • clear menu structure and handy DeepL accesses on the right
  • products can be purchased in different quantities and packaging sizes
  • The general time pressure is relieved by an optional vacation mode and escaped pets can be retrieved 1x free of charge by a Jger
  • Always charming, funny description texts of utensils, the Fluffys etc.
  • Bug reporting system integrated into the game
  • Comprehensive statistics
  • The growth and development of the Fluffys can be seen directly, also every expansion of the own farm is visible in the image
  • With a new Fluffy there is a lot to do, the lter the "animal" and the further the farm is expanded, the less there is to do. However, this is relativized by the possibility to breed and own very many Fluffys
  • In sum, a manageable amount of features
  • Fttern immediately consumes the entire pack. Who thinks to buy stock with a large pack will be surprised if necessary, because even 5g demand immediately use up a bulk pack of 5 kg
  • If Fluffys are not maintained for too long, they run away from the owner. As with the Tamagotchi, this creates some pressure


  • Very cutting, atmospheric, warm render graphics by professionals
  • Lots of attention to detail
  • Very extensive visuals: unbelievably many different expressions of the many Fluffy types, which are also increasingly expanded
  • In sum, a very successful, coherent, cuddly appearance. Even ancient fluffies still look cuddly
  • Relatively static except for the eye-blinking of the Fluffys, but that`s not too bad


  • Solid programming, no errors occurred
  • Fast loading times. Air without problems also good on smartphones
  • Omission of Flash allows playing on Apple devices
  • Performant, but little action, unfortunately no audio


  • The variety of fluffies, the individual skill possibilities, the trade and breeding attempts provide some challenges
  • Supply, breeding and demand regulate the availability and prices of the different breeds
  • The expansion of the farm is motivated by the beautiful graphic states per expansion
  • In the game, special, new Fluffy types are always integrated. According to the season or current movies, there are pirate, Transformer or magic Fluffys
  • players can join together in the Fluffy Club. Here, several users can support each other, for example by purchasing goods for the collective
  • The new in-game chat allows convenient exchange with other players
  • Each of your own pets can participate in a contest 1x a day, here the owners can win consumables, which otherwise must be purchased. Premium users may do this 2x
  • Little conflict, so the premium benefits are limited. The focus is on the Tamagotchi effect that everyone experiences for themselves
  • Currently, the creativity and diversity of the Fluffys convince. It is questionable whether the introduction of new animal types is enough to motivate for a long time
  • The focus is strongly on the child scheme, so it will appeal more to women. Features and possibilities that could also offer men something more would be desirable
  • The goal is straightforwardly geared towards the greatest cuddliness. That will make users may be a little too little


Fluffys cleverly makes use of the Tamagotchi effect and the childish scheme, so it will particularly appeal to women and children as its target audience: The game is virtually conflict-free, with only the competition for the fluffiest little animal arousing comparative ambition. Although there is no tutorial, newcomers will find their way around thanks to the good menu structure, context-based help and also because there are not too many different features. At the time of testing, the title was in version 0.95 beta, so there were still some adjustments to be made. The initial motivation is great: Thanks to the great, loving and detailed graphics, a cuddly atmosphere is quickly created, which forgives a certain static in the appearance. A few audio elements would certainly crown the cuteness factor. The necessary time approach is kept within limits. Action fans won`t be served by the title. In return, however, it`s truly enjoyable to experience a game with a truly relaxed gaming crowd. If you`re looking for a quiet game with a humorous appearance, great graphics like the really well-done Fluffy guys, you`ve come to the right place. It wrde not surprise if some adults soon have a cuddly toy in bed again.

  • Source: Editorial office

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