Die Verdammten

Together against the rest of the world: The zombie survival game in the test

Die Verdammten

06/25/2011 - The editorial team has entrenched itself in a city to defy ever-growing hordes of zombies. During the day, we bravely searched for raw materials in the floodplain world and used them to build defenses. Whether we were able to hold the city or preferred to let the zombies take us, you can read in the current test.


INPUT 13/20

  • The beginner mode offers some help overlays for different modules
  • Comprehensive wiki available
  • Comprehensive player guide
  • A tutorial that takes the player by the hand is missing. This would be especially important because of the special menu guidance
  • newbies need experienced players to act as teachers or they will pay a lot of lesson money before they know what to do


  • Half casual game: the player does not need to join several times a day, it is enough to log in early and once in the evening
  • Premium players are welcome in contrast to competitive games, as they can help the community especially
  • Extensive logs let you conveniently track the actions of your fellow players
  • Great random maps with special locations that host special items, but often also larger amounts of zombies
  • Interesting group tours in the form of expeditions into zombie land
  • Action points limit options and force good planning, both individually and for group goals such as upgrading defenses
  • Practical zone markers on the map support the player in his route choice in the floodplain
  • Never skip a day! If you don`t leave the city shortly after midnight after the zombie attack, you will lose valuable digging time
  • very difficult to get used to
  • some information is only available when you are in the city: This is logical, but it stunts the flow of the game in some places. External tools provide remedy


  • Consistent setting borrowing from Fallout with its PIP boy
  • Snappily drawn, atmospheric images for various locations
  • The minimalistic graphic elements give the game its special character
  • With the exception of the coherent images, the title features fairly minimalist graphics overall


  • Fast site. Also the flash elements like the map are loaded very fast
  • At zero o`clock on the dot the zombie attack starts regularly
  • Support contact or bug reports directly from the game mglich


  • The goal of surviving together for as long as possible is refreshingly different and a lot of fun
  • Extremely comprehensive, wittily sarcastic achievement system
  • Nice external tools like the research tower that should definitely be used
  • The entire game is interspersed with witty descriptive texts and sarcastic humor, which always appears unexpectedly and clearly contributes to the mood
  • Limited, but very interesting benefits and additional features for heroes (premium accounts)
  • Interesting premium system, which allows more and more new additional features with increasing duration
  • News and direct outlooks on the further development of the game (new Seasons) in the game
  • Collecting the many, sometimes wacky items is fun
  • The excitement of surviving the next wave of zombies in a well-organized city motivates mutual collusion
  • High potential for frustration: ignorant newbies and saboteurs destroy the fun of those who want to play seriously
  • Unfair behavior of fellow players is forced through the game by means of sabotage achievements
  • Some functions of the external tools would have absolutely belonged directly in the game. Those who do not use the tools are at a great information disadvantage
  • Sabotage against new players, who ignorantly seal the fate of a city, unfortunately occurs more frequently due to frustrated players
  • Far discrepancy between the benefit from joint work and the much higher damage from saboteurs. Popular death token: opening the gate for the zombies just before midnight with only one action point
  • Many players are not online every day, sealing their fate and that of the group very quickly


The Damned is an extremely contentious title. The basic idea of collectively wrangling out death against waves of zombies for as long as possible is innovative and truly ingenious. Premium users are welcome, unlike in most games, and the benefits are rather decent. The brilliantly sarcastic humor lifts the mood, the achievement system and many small ideas have really earned praise. The game is half a casual title, as the severely limited action points mean you can`t do much and have to plan. Even with a premium account, this doesn`t change significantly. The other side of the coin is the compulsion to play daily and to leave the city as soon as possible after midnight in order not to lose precious digging time. If the majority of the group does not join in, the fate of the city is quickly sealed. However, another factor is much worse: The blatant sabotage options should have been omitted, because the goal of jointly delaying the fall of the city for as long as possible is challenging enough every time, especially with ignorant newcomers. Sabotage is a way for many gamers to be actively messed with by grumpy players. Frustration and quarrels between players can unfortunately be found again and again. Here the title turns out to be a true social study: decide for the group or be antisocial. And unfortunately, in this game, one saboteur is enough to destroy 39 people`s entire voting work in the blink of an eye.
Many ideas, the terrific humor and the general mood have what it takes to win a platinum award. The difficult entrance, the Menfhrung and finally the high frustration potential destroy however after some attempts unfortunately any motivation. Only die-hard fans will stay on the ball longer. One thing is for sure: You should definitely know this title, because many ideas are truly innovative and ingenious. In sum, a tragic result.

  • Source: Editorial office

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