New season Snowstorm started


12/22/2021 - MY.GAMES ushers in the holidays with the Snowstorm season in its tactical first-person shooter Warface. The new season includes a new Battle Pass, redesigned maps and a new mercenary for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch as a free update.

In addition, the limited-time PvP event "Winterfest" starts today on PC. Players will battle on New Year`s maps during the event to earn additional rewards, including the new OTs-14 Groza Assault Rifle and Crystal series weapons.

The blizzard season begins in Warface on PC and consoles in December, and along with it, a new Battle Pass will become available. By completing daily tasks and general activities during the season, players* will receive valuable rewards, including weapons for various classes such as MC 255 12 Custom, ?S Val Custom, H&K UMP Custom and AMP DSR-1 Custom, as well as the "Snowstorm" and "Tundra" series.

The new season also features Christmas decorations on popular maps for Team Deathmatch mode. The classic maps "Hangar," "District No. 4" and "Oil Depot" have been decorated for Christmas and can now be experienced in a new way by players.

New contracts are available to all players. By completing these contracts, they can receive New Year`s decorations, achievements, and a variety of guns and weapons. The new character, "Lotus," has also been added as part of the Season and features a unique look and themed equipment.

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