Patch Notes for the latest update at Bloodhunt


05/31/2023 - Developer Sharkmob is pleased to introduce the new community voting mechanic in the game, which is the highlight of this update. It gives you the opportunity to vote on different golden weapons, TDM cards and artifacts every week. The community voting will become active after a week in the game.

But that's not all, Sharkmob also adds a brand new artifact to the game: the "Hand of Glory". This item will take your gameplay to the next level, since it will make your vampire transparent when you wear it, giving you a deadly advantage in the fight against the Anarchs.

For those who love to really show off in battle, we're introducing the "Auto-Shotgun" - a new weapon that will mix up the game and turn the tide in your favor. Not to mention the bug fixes and balancing optimizations that will make Bloodhunt run smoother and better than ever.

Experience the thrill of the hunt and the rush of battle as you fight for supremacy against your enemies. This update will take your game to the next level and keep you coming back for more!


Once you load Bloodhunt, there is a new option in the Elysium main menu called "Community Vote" that will take you to a screen where you can cast your vote for future rotations of the game. This means that you must always cast your votes no later than the end of the voting period, so that you can influence what is introduced the following Monday.

You will be reminded of the time remaining to vote on the main voting screen and will not be able to vote again until the next period begins.


We have added new championship challenges, each with its own rewards. The idea behind this is to add some tougher long-term challenges to the game for those of you who have already completed everything in the game and are thirsting for more.

Here are the requirements for completing them:

Skill Challenges:

  • Cover 5 km in one game
  • Cover 8 km in one game
  • Finish 10 players with a crowbar in one game

Career Challenges:

  • Do 50k damage with starting pistol
  • Do 50k damage with the minigun
  • Do 50k damage with the knife
  • Use your clan power 1,000 times
  • Use your archetype power 1,000 times

Clan Challenges:

When you complete these challenges, you receive a special clan-specific outfit. Toreador, for example, rewards you with the outfit of Maia.

  • Play 100 games as Toreador
  • Play 100 games as Nosferatu
  • Play 100 games as Brujah
  • Play 100 games as Ventrue
  • Play 100 games as Tremere

Tracking for all of these challenges starts at zero with this update. This means that your previous activities will no longer count as these are new challenges.


We have reworked or polished some locations in Prague to make the map more varied.


Auram, the antique dealer, has opened a new antique store on Staré Město in Prague. This new curio store is much larger than the other stores, with two floors and two exits, and offers another area to explore, fight and discover valuable items that can be used in the fight against the Anarchs. Probably much to the chagrin of Auram, who has long since left the premises.


The Auto-Shotgun is a modern, compact, fully automatic weapon with a larger magazine capacity and a higher rate of fire compared to most of its brethren (the Double Barrel is slightly faster if you tap it quickly), but still with a huge damage potential if all the bullets hit the target.

It's fun to get into combat with this weapon, since you won't have to constantly reload, and thanks to the large magazine, you won't have to reload in the middle of combat when the opportunity is right. The Auto-Shotgun is the uncrowned king of the CQB, because you'll be very pleased with its performance in battles over the rooftops! Its biggest weakness is that while it has a higher rate of fire, each bullet does slightly less damage than the other shotguns, so you'll have to be more accurate with your follow-up shots.


Get ready for a macabre dance and prepare for a unique battle where the undead meet in an ironic Team DEATH match. There is "no rest for the wicked" in this captivating graveyard. Tombstones, walls and crypts are your only real cover, making the battle even more chaotic. High vantage points are rare, so you'll have to rely on quick thinking and adaptability.

Feel the adrenaline rush as you move between tombstones, crumbling walls, and cobweb-strewn crypts through this arena of the undead. Join forces with your comrades, rise above the chaos, and triumph over the relentless forces of the Anarchs. Join us in this thrilling TDM location where eerie atmosphere meets intense action.


Deep in the shadows of Prague, there are whispers of the Hand of Glory - an archaic artifact that holds a mystery. Its origin eludes all control, but it radiates tremendous power.

Shaped like a withered hand, it exudes an eerie aura that entices those brave enough to pick it up and use it.

When you carry the Hand of Glory, its power slowly unfolds, hiding the presence of its bearer from the gaze of others. A transparent veneer wraps them in an ethereal camouflage that helps them move incognito. If you want to move stealthily, this artifact is for you.

Be careful when using it, though, because if you attack or use supernatural powers, the cloak's effects will be temporarily suspended. But if you feed or cast diablery, the veil mysteriously remains and cannot be dissolved.


We've found that additional balancing adjustments are needed here and there, including a rebalancing of the Siren, a few tweaks to some weapons, and some significant improvements to some Perks. Let's start with the Siren.


The blinding beauty of the Siren still has a few too many perks, and we wanted to rebalance it without losing its most important blinding and silencing features.

We've received feedback that the Siren is too strong, so we decided to remove the small slowdown effect so you can take full advantage of your moves to avoid damage when blinded without getting failed slides or the like.


The Double Tap felt a bit weak compared to the other pistols and needed improvement. The headshot and overall damage have been increased, and the recoil should now feel a little less jarring than before.

The Tommy Gun was the SMG meta for a long time and has now received a slight reduction in its damage to better match its main strength, the large magazine size.

The Dual Shotgun has also not been used as much as we would have liked since the last balance changes, so we felt it necessary to make it a bit more viable, especially now that the Auto Shotgun has been added. So we tweaked the dual shotguns to do a little more damage.


  • The Nobility perk now significantly shortens the duration of the Blood Hunt.
  • The Physician perk now grants an injection in addition to the blood bag when feeding
  • The Impenetrable perk now grants you immunity to Red Gas for twice the duration compared to before
  • The Creeper perk now reduces cooldown faster and increases movement speed while crouching.
  • Source: Official website

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