Deutscher Entwicklerpreis

The 2021 winners have been determined!

Deutscher Entwicklerpreis

12/10/2021 - The winners of the German Developer Award 2021 have been announced. The computer games of the year were honored at a major awards ceremony on Thursday, December 9, 2021. The jury selected the best games and teams in 15 categories from a total of 140 entries. The best German game is "Dorfromantik" by Toukana Interactive from Berlin.

The expert quartet of presenters provided good entertainment, leading humorously through the entertaining evening. Due to the current Corona situation, the award ceremony was once again exclusively livestreamed. The broadcast was from the auditorium of the Cologne Game Lab at the TH Cologne.

This year, the award-winning games impressively underscore that there are also outstanding computer games beyond the well-known blockbusters. The so-called indie games from independent development teams dominate the list of the best games of the year. One of these is Toukana Interactive from Berlin with its debut work Dorfromantik. The jury chose the creative mixture of puzzle and building game as the "Best German Game". The other award winners also demonstrate how strong the German indie scene is. A Juggler`s Tale by kaleidoscube wins three awards at once. "Best Indie Game" is Omno, which comes from the keyboard of a single developer. Studio Fizbin could cheer twice. With "Minute of Islands" it won in the category Best Sound and was also awarded Best Studio.

Strong is also this year`s young talent: the NRW Förderpreis for young female developers goes to Twisted Ramble Games from Berlin. With their production, the three young female game designers provide an entertaining and at the same time always respectful approach to topics such as mental illness, identity or peer pressure.

The German Developer Award has been held since 2004 and is the oldest award for the development of outstanding computer games from German-speaking countries. This year, the prize was awarded in a total of 15 categories. 71 experts from the professional juries determined the winners in 12 categories. The `Grand Jury` of 147 voting members decided on the awards in the categories "Best Game", "Best Studio" and "Best Publisher".

The winners of the German Developer Award 2021:

Best German Game
Vorfromantik, Developer: Toukana Interactive, Berlin

Best Studio
Studio Fizbin, Ludwigsburg

Best Publisher
Assemble Entertainment, Wiesbaden

Best Game Design
A Juggler`s Tale, Developer: kaleidoscube, Ludwigsburg

Best Sound
Minute of Islands, Developer: Studio Fizbin, Ludwigsburg

Best Graphics
A Juggler`s Tale, Developer: kaleidoscube, Ludwigsburg

Best Story
A Juggler`s Tale, Developer: kaleidoscube, Ludwigsburg

Best Indie Game
Omno, Developer: Studio Inkyfox, Werther

Best Mobile Game
Albion Online, Developer: Sandbox Interactive, Berlin

Innovation Award - Special Award of the City of Cologne
Puzzling Places, Developer:, Berlin

Most Wanted
The Bus, Developer: TML-Studios, Erfurt

Durable Winner
Goodgame Empire, Developer: Goodgame Studios, Hamburg

Ubisoft Newcomer Award
Passing By, Developer: Studio Windsocke, Hallstadt

Special Award for Social Commitment
Initiative "Stärker mit Games" der Stiftung Digitale Spielekultur, Berlin

NRW Förderpreis für junge Entwicklerinnen
Twisted Ramble Games, Berlin

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