Might & Magic: Heroes Online Might & Magic: Heroes Online
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Might & Magic: Heroes Online

Game description

Might & Magic: Heroes Online

Might & Magic Heroes Online (MMHO) is a free-to-play strategy RPG where you lead mighty heroes and their armies through battles in the fantasy world of Ashan. MMHO is a true member of the Heroes family, combining the authentic Heroes feel with brand new multiplayer features never before seen in a Heroes game.

The unique mix of strategy and role-playing elements of Heroes Online will have you firmly under its spell. Explore the fabulous world of Ashan with all its fantastic stories, mysteries, unique creatures and challenging tasks. A huge world is waiting for you!

Might & Magic Heroes Online belongs to the latest generation of browser-based games. Heroes Online impresses with a previously unseen graphical brilliance, an extremely high level of detail and smooth animations.

Move your units against the enemy armies in Heroes Online turn by turn. With clever composition of your troops, the right use of your magic powers and tactical finesse you will be able to defeat your opponents in Might & Magic Heroes Online.

Key Features

Explore a fantasy world full of life
Defeat your enemies in strategic, turn-based battles
Recruit dozens of different creatures for your army
Build thriving cities
Experience immersive multiplayer co-op adventures
Play with thousands of other players
Customize your hero

To your liking


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