Die Ewigen Die Ewigen
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Die Ewigen

Game description

Die Ewigen

Welcome to The Eternals, a browser-based multiplayer online game (browser game), where you can expect the following:

- 4 playable races, with different strengths, from traders to fighters
- 1 AI-controlled race
- different types of spaceships and defense systems
- many buildings and research
- an extensive alliance system
- earn as a bounty hunter
- a sophisticated trading system
- an integrated role-playing game including. Auction house and thousands of items
- Discover the past of the galaxy in exciting quests
- The browser game The Eternals is permanently expanded. Discover new features again and again.

There is a war going on in the DE universe. Four relentless races are fighting for supremacy and for the title of the Exalted. And YOU are in the middle of it!

Choose a race with unique attributes and ships. Make alliances and plunge the universe into a time of war or ensure an era of peace. Engage in trade and diplomacy. It`s all up to you!

The battle for the title of the Exalted has begun!

Playable on multiple official servers with different tick times and a large community of thousands of players, The Eternals is the ultimate reference in online strategy browser game.


  • Type
    • Browsergame
  • Setting / Genre
  • Charts Position
    • -
  • Number of players
    • Low
  • Project orientation
    • Commercial
  • Development status
    • Released
  • Publisher
    • Tino Tauchmann
  • Rounds length
    • 1 - 3 months
  • Time setting
    • Ticks
  • Language
    • German
  • Game effort
    • Medium
  • Game website
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