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Manage your own zoo. Get cute and exotic animals and build attractions for your visitors with MondoZoo.

In MondoZoo, the zoo browser game, you are in charge of the zoo. The game is turn-based and each round lasts one day. At the beginning, your zoo is still empty. Get interesting, cute or exotic animals from the WAF (World Animal Foundation) or the black market. There are over 200 different animals to choose from. Of course, the animals on the black market are cheaper, but the WAF will rate your zoo lower if there are too many animals from the black market in your zoo. So make sure you have a good mix.

Your zoo consists of the mini farm, Amazon jungle and savannah areas. Find the right habitat for each animal and give them a nice home in your zoo. To make sure everything runs smoothly, you can hire employees to take on important tasks in the zoo. You will definitely need a zoo director, a vet, cashiers and keepers. Gardeners, a maintenance and security service ensure the well-being of visitors to the zoo.

To offer your visitors even more and to earn even more LOL (the currency at MondoZoo) in addition to the entrance fee, set up some stores and restaurants. Make sure there are enough supplies in the restaurants and souvenir stores and make sure you have good sales staff. You can use the income to buy more animals or expand your zoo.

Bring the best animals to your zoo and look after their welfare and that of the visitors.


  • Type
    • Browsergame
  • Setting / Genre
  • Charts Position
    • -
  • Number of players
    • Low
  • Project orientation
    • Commercial
  • Development status
    • Offline
  • Publisher
  • Rounds length
    • infinite
  • Time setting
    • Ticks
  • Language
    • German
  • Game effort
    • Low
  • Game website
    • Playing service discontinued
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