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Conquerors Blade

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Conquerors Blade

Conquerors Blade is a blend of action-packed, strategic medieval warfare and deep tactical gameplay that puts players in the role of a commander embodying one of the great civilizations of the Middle Ages. The aspiring warlords choose army and combat classes of Eastern and Western flavor and wage relentless battles or use devastating siege weapons to conquer territories for their clan or house. Form alliances with other leaders, deploy occupation and field units appropriate to the era, such as Swiss Halberds, Iron Buddhas or the infamous Samurai - all to crush your enemies and achieve glorious victory! Conqueror's Blade puts the player in the highest echelons of military leadership, both on and off the battlefield.

Tactical and diplomatic decisions will determine the success or failure of the ultimate ruler of a vast, resource-rich and populous empire made up of different provinces.

Key features of Conqueror "s Blade:
Huge battles and sieges

From armies fighting over drawbridges behind battering rams to gigantic catapults hurling flaming projectiles at attacking troops, Conqueror "s Blade offers unprecedented battlescapes and a huge visual medieval combat experience. With more than 1000 units attacking the enemy simultaneously, 30 commanders and their hand-picked, battle-hardened troops take on the fight. Players take on the role of commander in the vanguard, personally protecting battering rams, for example, while being shot at with deadly arrows. At the same time, every effort is made to find the weak points of an often numerically superior enemy in order to conquer and hold the neuralgic points that decide between victory and defeat.

Clash of medieval cultures

Conqueror's Blade depicts military confrontations between medieval forces that never actually crossed swords in real life. Players can choose from ten commanders, each with their own fighting style and weapons. Can a Japanese Nodachi withstand a clash with a Swiss halberd and will a Hospitaller's lance be fast enough to stop a Mongolian archer's shot? Answers to these age-old questions can now be found on the battlefield.

Conquering an open world

Conqueror's Blade takes place in an open world divided into regions with unique landscapes, resources and cultures. Players explore the fictional, mysterious heart-shaped continent as far as their armies take them - battles for resources are inevitable. An important task for player guilds is therefore to organize the commanders to conquer region after region together, while the infrastructure is built up to upgrade the armies and protect the spoils of war.

Trade and economic system

Even the greatest kingdoms perish without healthy trade, so set up your economy with an eye on the markets and diplomatic options. This makes the difference between a house and an empire! Trade coins and items in the auction house, buy basic equipment from merchants or try your luck on the black market to sell rare materials in exchange for silver or gold.


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    • Onlinegame
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    • High
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    • Commercial
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    • infinite
  • Time setting
    • Real-time
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    • Multilingual
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    • High
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