Tribal Wars Tribal Wars
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Tribal Wars

Game description

Tribal Wars

The European Middle Ages: Not only as a dark era between the plague and the Inquisition, but also the scenario of one of the most popular browser games in the world: The tribes.

In the tribes you start as the head of a small village. Your task is to gradually expand this with powerful companions to a powerful tribe. The fate of your subjects is entirely in your hands. Which way will you go? Aggressively attack your neighbors or first secure their own homeland?

Associate with other tribes and forge powerful alliances to expand your domain ever further. But beware: Your enemies are not asleep and are waiting to wipe the slate clean.

With an immense depth of gameplay, The Tribes inspires many millions of players worldwide. A myriad of strategies and tactics give the browser game a high complexity and lead to a very high long-term motivation. Again and again newly created game worlds and features ensure at the same time that the game is also interesting for newcomers.


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